There are two different absentee voting methods available in St. Charles County, by mail and in person. Select one of the options to see which method fits your needs.

Absentee Voting by Mail

Am I eligible?

Absentee voters must provide one of the following reasons for voting absentee:

Absentee Ballot Application

Fill out the absentee ballot application, sign it, and mail, fax, email or submit in person to:

St. Charles County Election Authority
397 Turner Blvd.
St. Peters, MO 63376

Fax: 636-949-7552
Phone: 636-949-7550

If you cannot print this application, call or email our office and we will mail you an application form. Application must be received by the Election Authority by 5 p.m. on the second Wednesday prior to the election.

When can I vote absentee by mail?

Up to six weeks before an election.

Do I need a notary?

Yes, unless you are incapacitated or confined due to illness or physical disability on Election Day, including caring for a person who is incapacitated or confined due to illness or disability and resides at the same address.

How do I return my ballot?

Steps for Absentee Voting by Mail

The absentee voting period begins on the sixth Tuesday before the election date. The last day to apply for a by-mail ballot is by 5 p.m. the second Wednesday before the election.

  1. Complete an application for an absentee ballot and submit by mail, fax, email, or in person.
  2. Receive your absentee ballot.
  3. Notarize your ballot envelope.
    1. The notary requirement does not apply to incapacitated or confined individuals due to illness/physical disability and their caregivers who reside with them or to overseas voters, those on active military duty or members of their immediate family living with them. 
    2. All other absentee ballot envelopes must be notarized.  Do not sign your ballot envelope until you are with the notary.
  4. Return your absentee ballot by mail or in person at the Election Authority.  The return envelope must be signed by the voter who requested the absentee ballot. Track your ballot, if mailed, here by entering the ballot track ID printed at the bottom of the ballot.  

Absentee Voting In Person with Excuse

Am I eligible?

Absentee voters must provide one of the following reasons for voting absentee:

When and where can I vote absentee in person with excuse?

Absentee voting opens six weeks prior to an election at the Election Authority, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Accessible Voting Options

Absentee Voting In Person Without Excuse

Am I eligible?

When can I vote absentee in person with no excuse?

No-excuse in-person absentee voting starts on the second Tuesday prior to an election. 

Where do I vote absentee in person with no excuse?

Student Voting

If you attend college out of state, you can register to vote in either your home state or where you attend college, but you cannot be registered in both locations. It is a felony to vote in multiple locales.

You do have the right to vote in any state where you have a temporary or permanent residence.

If you are a registered St. Charles County voter and will not be in St. Charles County on Election Day, absentee voting is available. For more information, see the Absentee Voting section.

Military and Overseas Civilian

How to request an absentee ballot:

Safe at Home

The Address Confidentiality Program has been established by the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office to provide a substitute address for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, human trafficking, stalking, or other crimes who fear future harm.

For more information about the program, call 1-866-509-1409 or visit MoSafeatHome.